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Plone End User Manual

A plone reference manual for end users.

Note: This is the print view with all the Reference Manual pages on one page. The paginated version is available here, if you prefer that.

1. Getting started

How to get started with Plone.

1.1. Joining a Plone site

How to sign up to a Plone site as a member.

Presuming the site you are accessing permits users to sign themselves up from the web (this is the default), you can join a Plone site via the following steps:

  1. On the homepage, click on the join link in the blue bar at the top. Result: The Registration Form screen appears.
  2. On the Registration Form screen, complete the Personal Details section.
  3. Click on the register button.

1.2. Logging in

How to log in to a Plone site.

Once you have joined a Plone site, you can log in.

  1. On the homepage, click on the log in link. Result: The Please Log in screen appears.
  2. On the Please Log in screen, fill in the your user name and password
  3. Click on the log in button.

1.3. Setting preferences

How to set your personal preferences
  1. Log in to site.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Select Personal Preferences.
  4. At this point you can change your name, your email address, content editor and upload a portrait.
  5. Save when you are finished.
  6. Go back to the Preferences page and select change password. Enter info here to change your password

2. Creating content

How to add, edit and move content within Plone.

2.1. Adding Content- The Basics

The following procedure outlines the basic steps for adding content to a Plone site. Steps may vary depending on the specific type of content you add.

1. Log in to the site.
2. Navigate to the location (folder) where you want the item to appear.
3. In the view portlet(or tab), select the arrow next to add a new item.
4. Click on the item that you would like to add.
5. Fill out the appropriate fields and information.
6. Click Save when you are finished.

2.2. Editing Content

Procedure on editing content

1. Navigate to the piece of content that you want to change.

2. Click on the Edit tab.

Result: The Edit view appears and you are ready to begin making your edits

3. Make your edits.

4. Click on the Save button.

Result: you will receive a confimation that your edits have been saved.

3. Basic Administration

Procedures for basic administrative functions.

3.1. Add a user

How to add a user.

1. In the Plone Site Setup, select the Users and Groups Administration link.
2. Click the Add New User button under the Users Overview heading.
3. Fill out the Registration Form with a user name, user ID, email address, and password.
4. Click the Register button.
5. You will be taken back to the Users Overview page and should see a note at the top of the section that says User Added.

3.2. Add a Group

How to add a group

1. In the Plone Site setup, select the Users and Groups Administration link.
2. You will see two tabs. Select the Groups tab.
3. In the Groups Overview section, select the add new group button.
4. Fill out the Group Properties form with a short name, title, description, and email.
5. Click Save.
6. You will be taken back to the Groups Overview page and you should see a note at the top that says a new group has been added.

3.3. Reset a Password

How to reset a password for a user.

1. Access the Users and Groups Administration page.
2. Search for the user that needs a password reset.
3. Select the reset password box.
4. Click the apply changes button.
The password is now reset. The user will receive an email with a new password.

4. Advanced Topics

Procedures for performing more advanced functions in Plone.

4.1. Add a Product

Basic procedure for adding a product.
  1. Download the add on product that you want into a working folder.
  2. Extract the file into the Product directory. You will have to create a new folder for that product to extract into. Note: if using winzip, be sure that you extract, do not just copy and paste files into product directory.
  3. Restart Zope. (in the ZMI, Control Panel, restart button)
  4. Log into the Plone as the administrator.
  5. Go to Plone setup.
  6. Go to Add/Remove Products.
  7. Select the product you want to add and click Add. Your latest product should now be installed.

Please also see the using third party products tutorial